Catnip Kit


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Catnip Kit
Catnip Kit


Proven to send your kitty into a state of euphoria on Christmas morning. This Catnip Kit includes:

  • One muslin bag of catnip. Use it as a toy or to fill other toys that your cat loves.
  • One 2 oz bottle of distilled catnip mist. Mist it on toys or anything your cat is free to mangle to drive them wild!

Our organically grown and hand distilled catnip is extra potent- cats who don't even like catnip love it. They're also safe for your furry friends to lick, kick, eat, and roll around in. The perfect gift for the cats and cat lovers in your life.

This is a limited edition, seasonal product kit. 



Catnip toy is packaged in a muslin cotton bag and stamped with food grade ink.

Catnip Mist is packaged in a glass bottle. Please reuse/recycle after use. 

Together this kit comes packaged in a plant based, biodegradable cellophane wrapper. 

Catnip Kit
Catnip Kit

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