Our Commitments



  • Local Sourcing - Rather than shipping herbs here from around the world, we responsibly wildcraft from our surrounding bioregions and support small-scale farmers to grow our herbs locally. Our herb gardens are Bee Friendly certified.
  • Folk Methods - We use a variety of time honored, analog methods to preserve the holistic benefits of the plants while using less energy.
  • Packaging - Our products are packaged in biodegradable paper tubes and glass bottles/jars with metal lids. Amber glass blocks UV rays and contaminants from harming our formulas and is free of chemicals often found in plastic. Although glass takes more energy to recycle than plastic, its reusable in various mediums before being recycled, and will break down if it ends up in a landfill.
  • Shipping - We reuse all shipping materials received in our studio (why you might occasionally find bubble wrap in your order). Orders ship in post-recycled cardboard boxes with biodegradable paper tape and recyclable/biodegradable packing materials. 
  • Repurposing - We proudly make palm-free soap, using repurposed organic tallow instead. Palm is a commonly used filler ingredient in soap and other consumables and is destroying rainforest habitat at an alarming rate. Tallow is a byproduct of local, regenerative farming practices that would otherwise be thrown in landfills and contains enzymes that soothe sensitive skin. 



  • We use fair/direct-trade ingredients to maintain an ethical supply chain.
  • We exclusively source mica pigments (at a higher cost) that are certified free of child-mining. To educate yourself on the rampant human rights abuses in mica mining for the cosmetic industry, check out this eye opening video from Refinery 29.
    • Northlore operates on a feminist and anti-racist business model. Whenever possible we support businesses and cooperatives run by women and people of colour, recognizing the disadvantages BIPOC folx face within current capitalist, patriarchal systems.


    • We donate 10% of our profits to Indigenous Climate Action, an indigenous led organization that works to empower indigenous communities to take action on climate change. Indigenous communities have contributed the least to the climate crisis but are the first to experience the effects of it.    We support ICA because we believe that these communities are the only leaders prepared to take real action in our country for the benefit of future generations, and we share their values of being caretakers and protectors of the earth. Please learn more and donate here