About Us

Northlore was founded to offer elevated, plant-based products that are beyond all-natural and organic. We make body care for earth allies.

Our consciously crafted line keeps your ecological footprint light without sacrificing the effectiveness, sensory experience, or aesthetics of our products.

We believe the plants that surround us support us, providing everything needed for stress-reducing, irresistible body care to leave you glowing and renewed. 

The Northlore line is mindfully crafted with herbal folk methods, ethically and sustainably sourced, multi-use, and non-gendered.

We’re inspired by the simple wisdom of Zen Poet and Environmental Activist, Gary Snyder: 

“Stay together.
Learn the flowers.
Go light.” 

Northlore is certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation and a verified clean Think Dirty brand.