Soap | Juniper + Bergamot


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Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore
Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore
Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore


Our cold-process soap bars are palm-oil free. We repurpose organic, grass-fed tallow as a sustainable alternative to palm oil, a common ingredient in soap and cosmetics that is destroying rainforest habitat and species at an alarming rate. 

  • Tallow based soap is rich in enzymes that are soothing for skin sensitivities
  • Cold-process soap making is safe for the environment, healthier to your skin than commercial soap, and incredibly moisturizing
  • Juniper essential oil is known to ease stress and anxiety and promote clear skin
  • Bergamot essential oil is antibacterial and known to soothe nerves



Handmade in small batches from; Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, tallow, pure olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), *beeswax, *Juniperus communis (juniper) berry essential oil, *Citrus bergamia (bergamot) essential oil. 



Use this mildly astringent soap as an all-over body soap that’s safe enough for sensitive skin. 


4 oz. bar

Recyclable paper wrapper

Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore
Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore
Soap | Juniper + Bergamot - Northlore

Customer Reviews

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Kristin Catherwood
My fragrant happy place

I LOVE this scent. All the Northlore soaps smell divine, and this one in particular, with the combination of the astringent scent of juniper and the deeply sweet scent of bergamot makes my day better. I've been using Northlore soaps for years and have never come across anything better. The tallow makes them hard and long lasting, and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. The scent (have I mentioned how much I love the smell of this bar?) lingers for a nice, subtle long time after washing up.

Ashley bergen
Smells so beautiful

This soap was so calming to wash my body in! There was a slight hint of the smell left on my skin and it is sooo lovely!

Smells so nice

I am a recent convert to bar soaps. This is an especially nice one. I love how long they last and how it subtly perfumes the room.

D. Karppanen-Vaisius
Beautiful Company

I fell in love with Northlore years ago when I stumbled across their products at the WAG. The packaging, the scents, the ethics. But it took years of lurking around on Instagram before I actually jumped in and now I’m even more in love. This soap smells so good and it doesn’t dry the life out of my skin. I love the androgynous marketing, the smells that are just beautiful instead of gendered. As a Non Binary Womxn I feel right at home. It’s just all so good! Beautiful products, beautiful aesthetic, beautiful ethics, beautiful inclusivity, beautifully local. So much love. 🖤

Best bar soap

I love using items that come unpackaged, or with minimal impact. That’s amazing! The soap itself is an amazing bar soap. Nobody likes soap scum, and this has worked great for that reason. Very little buildup! Also, the smell is intoxicating.

Customer Reviews

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